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While the term “manufacturing company” describes what we do, “service company” describes who we are.  Our desire is to understand customer needs and provide custom solutions that will optimize processing and increase profits for our customers.

Custom feedscrew design provides optimization of processing.  Properly engineered flight profiles not only optimize processing but can reduce the effects of wear on screw/barrel components. 

We are continually researching new screw and barrel materials that would best fit our customer’s needs in providing high wear resistance against abrasive, corrosive and adhesive wear.

Concor specializes in the manufacturing and rebuilding of through hardened tool steel feedscrews and barrels such as Crucible’s CPM 9V®  and CPM 10V®.  Concor pioneered the rebuilding of CPM 9V tool steel screws in the early 1990’s.

Our standards meet or exceed the Society of the Plastics Industry (SPI) standards to give you the quality you need.  

With decades of experience, we can provide innovative solutions that will help you succeed.

Learn more about how feedscrew design affects processing.

Our Mission: To understand customer problems, provide custom solutions, and to satisfy customer requirements with quality parts in a fulfilling work place.

Bill Talbot, President


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